Is the keynote of all true elegance.

Coco Chanel

Anton Mulder Construction

Our 35 years’ experience in the building and design industry is committed to delivering quality workmanship through pride and team work in a safe working environment. We  believe in keeping design simple but significant, and that quality is never an accident, but always a result of high attention, sincere effort and skilful execution.

The success of our company is owed to the combined contribution of our entire dedicated Anton Mulder construction team. We are committed to the principals of a sustainable business and are actively engaged in balancing the social, environmental and economic aspects of what we do.

Environmental Commitment


Through the use of  alternative products such as solar energy, low emission heating, green water innovations, and landscape friendly environment, we strive to  minimizie the impact of our operations on our environment, and to always stay within the acceptable environmental limits, rules and regulations.